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About Dental Implants

For a lasting and attractive substitute for lost teeth, advanced dental procedures at Reunion Dental Care in Commerce City, CO by our dentists use dental implants to repair and bring back a gorgeous, fully-functioning mouth. Dental implants surgically insert titanium posts in the jaw to substitute for the weakened root, so false teeth can be joined for a dependable fit that will not involve food restrictions or adhesives. The false teeth will be shaded and shaped by our dentists to blend with the patient's teeth for a natural finish. For individuals who are wanting to restore a single tooth or many teeth, dental implants at Reunion Dental Care can be an ideal, effective option.

What to Expect

Before a dental implant is used, a in-depth oral exam will be completed by our dentists to decide the strength and health of the jawbone and gums. If the person is a suitable candidate for dental implants, dental X-rays and molds will allow our dentists to plan the ideal location for the dental implants in the jawbone. The individual can be put under local anesthesia and/or local sedation to minimize discomfort while our dentists implant the titanium post into the tooth socket. During the next 3 - 6 months, the jawbone and implant will fuse together while the bone heals and after the dental implant is strong enough, the false tooth or teeth can be added to the dental implant by a connector. Our dentists can tweak the dental implant and false teeth for a snug and confident fit.

Treatment Aftercare

Generally, patients experience minor or no discomfort following their dental implants, however a handful of patients may feel short-term discomfort and tenderness that should be helped using an over-the-counter pain killer, such as Tylenol® or aspirin. To lengthen the wear of dental implants, patients should develop a good home dental care practice that includes daily brushing, flossing, and anything recommended by the dentist. Bi-annual appointments at Reunion Dental Care in Commerce City, CO for dental cleanings and oral exams are also crucial to dental implant care. Dental implants will last many years with correct care, however dental implants will eventually require repairs or replacement.

Insurance Coverage

If dental implants are judged to be medically required, the patient's dental insurance company will typically pay for some of the dental bill. But, elective dental implants are ordinarily not paid by insurance plans. At the time of the patient's initial consultation, the office manager of Reunion Dental Care can call about their insurance coverage and review payment methods and financing available through our office.

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Natural Replacements

If you are missing a tooth, a few teeth, or your whole smile, dental implants may be a long-term option that appear natural. By choosing dental implants, you won't need to care about false teeth loosening, food restrictions, or gummy denture glues, you can just grin and use your strong new teeth. If you have lost teeth or you wear a crown, a dental bridge, or removable dentures, ask our dentists at Reunion Dental Care about the advantages of dental implants.

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